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Green Lantern

Hi everyone!

Yes, I am alive.  And, yes, I haven’t been posting anything lately.  Between general life stuff, a job wackiness, and the holidays, things have been somewhat hectic around my neck of the woods.  It’s that time of year to be busy, I suppose.  I feel bad about the lack of posting as I’ve watch a few movies lately meriting entries.

Anyway, I recently watched Green Lantern.  As many of the previous, external reviews have stated, it is terrible.  It is not the worst movie I’ve ever seen, but it had all the elements of an interesting space adventure, but it made wrong decisions at every turn.  Plus, it was extremely generic for a movie.  It reminded me somewhat of the dredge of sci-fi films that came out in the mid-90s (some of which, surprisingly, have become cult classics such as Starship Troopers).

Eagle-eyed readers might notice that this review is uncharacteristically light on details.  There is a reason for that.  Green Lantern may have been a bad movie, but it has inspired me to do a scene-by-scene breakdown where I’ll describe and analyze what went wrong and why.

Obviously, this will take a while to compose, and with my schedule being as crazy as it currently is, it might be a while before I can get to it.  However, by writing this entry, I now have something to hold me to do this.  Expect my breakdown of Green Lantern by the end of January.  Hopefully.



2 responses to “Green Lantern

  1. CultureCast-K December 12, 2011 at 7:58 am

    Well then, I guess it gives us some time to see this movie and relate!

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