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Review of Hobo With A Shotgun

I did say last time that I would review Bellflower, but as luck would have it, Family Video has not been anticipating my excitement and did not stock enough DVDs to appease me. Consequently, I was forced to pick two movies at a moment’s notice as I had a long day and a waiting wife. So I grabbed Hobo with a Shotgun (HWAS) and Limitless with Bradley Cooper. I won’t go over the latter but congratulations to him on being awarded the Sexiest Man Alive. I quite agree. I would highly recommend seeing Midnight Meat Train with him in it.

So how was HWAS? Very good indeed! You would have known about this movie if you watched Grindhouse (‘07) in which HWAS was a fake trailer that came into fruition 3 years later. It was directed by an unknown director by the name of Jason Eisener. The three things that made this movie great were the color, character, and subject matter. The film can be summed up in this great quote:

“Some people got beds to sleep on, where they can crawl under the covers and have a good night’s rest. But other people, they don’t got beds at all. Instead they gotta find an alleyway, or a park bench where some fucker’s not gonna stab them. But just because they don’t got beds doesn’t mean they’re homeless. ‘Cause guess what? They’ve got the biggest home of any of us. It’s called the streets! And right now, we’re all standing in their home, so maybe we should show them some goddamn respect. If this is their home, they’ve got a right to keep it clean, don’t they? And sometimes on the streets, a broom just ain’t gonna fucking cut it. That’s when you gotta get a shotgun!”

I’m sure  the quote sounds a lot better when you see the girl yielding a lawnmower shield in one hand, a shotgun in the other, axe on the back, and angry mob waiting to kill her. Hopefully you get the impact.

Very quickly, I’ll go over the premise: the hobo is trying to get on with life in a new city (I suspect because the other place dried up or what not), trying to save up enough money to buy an old $50 lawnmower to start a business. Along his journey we see the corrupt police force and exaggerated criminals, working hand-in-hand to exploit the homeless, impoverished, and otherwise powerless society. The hobo has had enough and takes matters into his own hands. You can fill in the blanks by watching the movie.

The entire film had beautifully saturated colors. Color isn’t really used much. Yeah, yeah, some people will put the main character in a red dress and the rest in gray. This is different. It looks good, gives it a good feel, and makes the pain more real.

Within the first few minutes I recognized the hobo in the film and was then totally psyched. It’s the antagonist (or is he?) in Blade Runner! Rutger Hauer! Now I won’t say much but here is my list of favorite movies:

  1. Blade Runner.

There you go.

Before watching the film I knew it’d be good, coming off of a Tarantino and Rodriguez production and all. But connecting with my one favorite movie! We are on a different level now. I had a relationship with this character. Nonetheless, Mr. Hauer did a wonderful job. He was slightly off from reality living on the streets, cold and hardened, still patriotic, and doing his job in society when the law won’t. He is inspirational because there is a lot of crap in this world that we don’t see and simply ignore it and hope it goes away, but for some of us, that crap doesn’t go away.

Cinema does address many issues but not many address homelessness. Albeit, it is a touchy matter but the film says ‘up yours and we’re kicking butt’.

The only problem with this movie? The antagonist was way too strong. I like a good battle and villain but his language and dialogue was way too strong for the part. It’s difficult to convey. It wasn’t the things that he was doing, because I’ve seen worse, but I don’t know… something about it I really did not like.

Thanks for reading and I do indeed recommend this movie. Hopefully I’ll get to Bellflower soon but the holidays are coming up and my wife doesn’t allow me to pick out very many movies during Christmas season. Anyways… 4/5.


4 responses to “Review of Hobo With A Shotgun

  1. CultureCast-N November 24, 2011 at 10:14 pm

    The title alone sounds amazing. As long as a film like this doesn’t take itself too seriously, it is more than likely going to be a good time.

    • CultureCast-Z November 25, 2011 at 1:42 pm

      Don’t know why but I have a hard time getting into “self-aware” movies like this, The Expendables, Grindhouse, etc. Something about them just feels too manufactured and fake for me. The days of the legitimate grindhouse/shock movie are long gone. We know too much about everything nowadays.

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