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Dude, Where’s My Scary Movie?

To me, the best time to watch a horror movie is in October. My only reason for this is because Halloween is in October, and what is Halloween without a little bit of horror (and candy)? So, this begs the question: where are the horror movies?

From what I can tell, only one scary movie is coming to theaters: Paranormal Activity 3. That’s great and, based on reviews, the series is still full of steam delivering the goods. But why is that the only one? Granted, we are done with the Saw films (for now), but couldn’t another horror movie or two fill its place?

During the year, many horror movies are released, but I feel at odd times. The 2009 remake of Friday the 13th was released in a February. Why? Did movie producers expect a Valentine’s Day rush for people to see the film? 2010’s Nightmare on Elm Street (filmed at my old high school) and 2011’s Scream 4 were released in April, presumably to cash in on the early summer movie season. How come none of these movies were held until October? Rob Zombie’s Halloween films were released on August. Halloween in August! AUGUST!

Okay, I’ll admit I know that there are lots of reasons on when films are scheduled to be released. But I am just constantly surprised that more horror movies are not released during the month of Halloween. It would seem to be a no-brainer for studios to try to schedule at least one horror film per week during that month. Have horror movies been generally unsuccessful during October? Is it better to release the films earlier in the year in order for the DVD release to be in October? I don’t know.

What do you think?



3 responses to “Dude, Where’s My Scary Movie?

  1. CultureCast-Z October 25, 2011 at 12:26 pm

    Sandra and I watched Paranormal Activity 2 on Netflix Instant Watch over the weekend. I fell asleep three times.

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