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Friday Five

Hello loyal readers.  We really need to get some catchy name for you.  Culturers?  Casters?  Culture-Casters?

I digress.

We are going to be starting a new feature at The Culture Cast with a Friday Five.  Each Friday, we will take some topic centering on film genres, Hollywood media, cultural element, etc and create a Top 5 list for it.  The F5 will be very open with topics and what the five will actually consist of (best, worst, favorite, etc).

Additionally, it will be likely that Zack and I will be rotating off each week.  We are also in search for more bloggers to add to our rag-tag team, so it is possible that others will contribute to a Friday Five.

This week, with the end of baseball, the start of football, and hockey and basketball not too far away, Zack will be looking at sports movies.

If you have any suggestions for future Friday Fives, drop us a line by commenting below or emailing us at


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