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Apparently, I Met Jennifer Morrison

I’m not much of a “star searcher”. At the few comic book conventions I’ve gone to, I am not really about getting autographs of some TV or movie star. However, I have had some encounters with various actors over the years, and the first one who I met was actress Jennifer Morrison.

At work today, I was flipping through The Daily Herald, and they had an article on Morrison. She is probably best known for being the female doctor on House. No, the other one not played by Olivia Wilde (you know, the one who everyone forgot about once Olivia Wilde joined the show). The article mentioned that Morrison went to Prospect High School, a rival high school of mine. I didn’t know this, and found it mildly interesting. It then mentioned that she played Eliza Doolittle in a PHS production of My Fair Lady.

That bit made me stop, and do some quick math in my head. Morrison, 32, is only four years older than me and was a senior when she played Doolittle. I know what you are thinking: Nick, where is this going? Mildly interesting thing is, I saw her in that production, and I never really realized it until now.

I was in 8th grade at the time, and my junior high drama club (of which, I was a member) took a field trip to see that show (my junior high partially fed into PHS). My memory of the actual production is a bit hazy except for the presumably intentionally crazy execution of the Ascot Racecourse scene. After the show, my group was gathered in the lobby of the school when the cast came out and met with parents and friends. Some of the cast, Morrison included, came up to us, said “hi”, and signed our programs (in 8th grade, having high school actors sign your program was considered cool, I guess).

A bit later, I was standing waiting to leave while the rest of the group was either waiting alongside me or going to the bathroom. Morrison came past us to use the water fountain. A friend and I chatted with her for a bit. Nothing too exciting. “You were good in the show”. That sort of thing. In hindsight, I’m surprised she bothered since we were dorky 8th graders, and she was a senior readying to go off to college. After a few moments, she went off to do whatever it is 18 year-old girls do, my group left, and I pretty much all, but forgot this memory.

So, that was my encounter. Yeah, it wasn’t all that interesting, and I’m honestly surprised if you are still reading this. However, my story isn’t quite over. Remember that program? Well, she was one of the people who signed it. Like the memory, the program was quickly forgotten and shoved away in a dresser drawer for years. The summer after I started college, my mom wanted me to start to clean out all the old junk I still had in my room. I couldn’t blame her on this; I was a bit of a paper pack-rat during that time. When going through stuff, I came across the My Fair Lady program with Morrison and her co-star’s signatures. After about two seconds of looking at it, I said to myself, “Why do I have this?”

I promptly threw it away.

Today, nearly ten years later, after realizing that I trashed TV actress (and Capt. Kirk’s mom) Jennifer Morrison’s signature, I stand by my decision. However, now my non-story becomes something of a novelty after my realization today. If anything, it is just kind of funny considering that I saw somebody known today before they were anybody. There is a “Hey, that’s neat!” factor to that.



One response to “Apparently, I Met Jennifer Morrison

  1. CultureCast-Z September 9, 2011 at 4:23 pm

    This is kind of like the time I took a whiz next to Anthony Daniels. Well, not really.

    Also, I’ll have a blog post up in a bit.

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