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Potter-Palooza: Kloves and Dialogue

Steve Kloves has been the screenwriter for all the Harry Potter films except the fifth entry in the series, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. He also is one of the writers for the upcoming The Amazing Spider-Man directed by Marc Webb and starring Andrew Garfield. Recently, he gave an interview at concerning his work on the Spider-Man reboot. In it, he talks about how he worked mostly on dialogue and how he was hesitant to take the job because superhero stuff really isn’t his thing. Specifically,“[he] said, ‘I can’t do ‘shazam!’ dialogue, that’s not what I do.”

Wait. What?

Kloves wrote seven out of eight Harry Potter films with such lines as “Now repeat after me — without wands please — repeat after me, Riddikulus” (HP3) and pretty much anything Bellatrix Lestrange says.

His main point was that he can’t get into doing what he calls comic-booky dialogue. I can totally understand that. That type of writing is not for everyone and, at times, comic books have some really corny dialogue (see: Green Lantern oath). However, his argument is undercut when you look at some of the comic-booky dialogue stated in the Harry Potter films. Some of the things said in those films are just as over-the-top as anything scene in a comic-book movie.

I’m not saying that comic book movies are better than Harry Potter or anything like that. Both have their place. Nor am I saying that Kloves is wrong in his opinion. I am merely confused at where he is coming from with his point of view as, to me, it seems misguided.

Am I right? Am I wrong? Give use some feedback and share your thoughts!



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