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It’s Been Nearly a Full Week… How About Fresh Content?

So the teaser post for The Dark Knight Rises was released this week, and fans are going completely ape-shit over it. It’s just a teaser poster, right? It doesn’t even have any new character information or anything like that, right?. It’s even a bit reminiscent of Nolan’s own Inception, is it not? It’s totally possible that Nolan even conspired to have this mocked up a year ago or something when he was still working on Inception.

Despite the fact that this film is still one year plus from release and that this is a teaser poster, for fuck’s sake, it hasn’t stopped rabid fanboys from speculating about the movie en masse. Fanboys have already claimed that the Superman logo can be seen in the poster, but all I see is a smudgy-looking object that vaguely somewhat resembles Supes’ logo. And even if it is Superman’s logo… then big deal. Again, it’s a teaser poster.

I asked a guy I know about this (won’t name names, but he’s a mega geek and he’s probably reading this) and he claimed the “hidden Superman logo” (if it really exists, which it doesn’t) is a product of viral marketing. I’m sorry, but I just can’t buy into that theory. The Dark Knight reached out and took home over 500 million dollars in domestic grosses. Literally everyone has been speculating on the next Batman movie since July 19th, 2008 (one day after the release of TDK. How much more marketing does Warner Bros. need?

I argue that what would make people want to see The Dark Knight Rises (still don’t care for that title) much more than they already do would be to cease any and all marketing at once. It’s almost as if we already know too much about this movie already. Maybe helping to cool it on the rumor mill front is a good way to keep interested at already sky-high levels.

I’m just not sure it can be done at this point. We’ve already had to shift through all the “DAVID TENNANT SHOULD B RIDDLER!!!1!!!one11!!” as well as the “Phillip Seymour Hoffman for Penguin!” nonsense. We’ve had to hear about whether or not Nolan would be back for a new film and even whether or not a new film would even get made. Then Nolan seemingly threw half the cast of Inception into Dark Knight Rises and the internet went insane again (Marion Cotillard is Catwoman omgomgomg!!). This is a best which cannot be tamed.

I’m so sick of hearing about a movie I won’t be able to see for over a year from now. And yes, I am aware of the irony of blogging about a movie I’m already sick of. I’m a glutton for punishment, and an eager fan (but not a fanboy) waiting patiently for the next installment of a solid franchise.



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