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It’s been a week, so why not write an article on 3D?

Last week I bought a 3d tv. I didn’t necessarily need a new tv. The sound is going out on my old one and it has this weird error when you turn it on, but by and large it still works. I didn’t except to be a new tv either, let alone a newfangled 3d monstrosity. But I did anyway. Here’s how it happened:

I was in Best Buy last weekend with my girlfriend. We decided to go out for a nice steak dinner for her birthday, and Best Buy was a good way to spend an hour or so when you need to kill some time walking around until you’re ready to eat. Now whenever I go to Best Buy, I like to walk by the super expensive televisions and price them. Prices have steadily declined, based on my observations, over the past 5 years on HDTVs. I bought a 40″ Dynex HDTV from Best Buy in 2008 for just over $500. That same tv (albeit a newer model) is available now for a paltry $350.

The clerk asked us if we’d like to check out some of the 3d tvs. I am not opposed to viewing things in 3d. I loved Avatar in 3d. I also enjoyed Tron Legacy and Coraline. A few movies, notably 2009’s Ice Age sequel, did not transfer well. But by and large I am not a detractor of the technology. I’m also interested in 3d gaming, as it seems Sony is pushing it heavily (and Uncharted 3 is going to look amazing in 3d). We tried it out, and were both pretty impressed over all with technology.

Best Buy had a 2009 46″ 3d capable Bravia available at a huge clearance price, and while I declined initially, I thought about it over dinner and then during some birthday shopping. “The sound on my old tv is horrible,” I thought. “I just got a new job and this is a nice reward,” I thought. Even my normally-frugal girlfriend thought I should heavily consider it. So I pulled the trigger and bought it, along with two pair of glasses (rechargeable!) and a copy of Tron Legacy in 3d.

It’s really fantastic, honestly. The picture is beautiful as well. I haven’t messed around with the 3d all that much yet, but I definitely love Super Stardust HD on PS3 in 3d. It looks so crisp and clear. It was pretty late, so we just fired up a scene from Tron Legacy and basked in its 3d glory. I noticed a few of my full-length videogames are 3d as well (notably Killzone 3 and Crysis 2). I’m totally geared up to play through them again. This weekend we’ll watch all of Tron Legacy as well and I’m super psyched about that. Basically any excuse I can come up with to watch my tv I’m all over.

So should you buy a 3d television set? I don’t know; it depends on how you feel about the technology. At this point I don’t think it’s going away. This summer alone has something like a dozen movies premiering in the third dimension. I wouldn’t have bought a new tv if it weren’t at a massive discount, that’s for sure. I guess just a combination of timing and good fortune brought me and my 3d tv together.



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