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Nick’s Thoughts on Life-Time Passes

A few weeks ago, Zack and I were talking, and he mentioned his dislike for “Lifetime Passes”. In response, I stared at him like a deer in the headlight (actually, since we were on the phone, it was more like an extremely awkward silence). I had no idea what he was talking about. It was new to me. Clearly, this catch phrase hadn’t overtaken the entire internet just yet. Zack then educated me on what “Lifetime Pass” (from here on out, I will refer to it as LTP) was. I won’t get into that as I am sure Zack will educate in his own post.

Speaking of which, Zack asked me to write down a few thoughts on LTP. Personally, I am still confused on the matter. What does LTP actually mean?! What does it entail? If you give something or someone a LTP, does that mean that everything that that thing/person does will be fine?

What if, for example, you gave a LTP to Christopher Nolan (director of The Dark Knight and Inception)? I can see this. He is a talented director and has achieved an extremely high amount of acclaim and popularity. Clearly, if I am understanding it right, a LTP can be bestowed upon him. However, what if Nolan one day completely sells out, goes pure commercial, and ends up directing Air Bud 10: The Anal Gland Adventure? Will the person who gave him the LTP stand by Nolan and declare the film is a masterpiece? Or will they retract the LTP? And if they retract it, doesn’t that dismiss the notion of being a pass for life?

I guess my point is that the whole concept of the LTP is ridiculous. Mostly because it doesn’t make any sense. I get it that some people are big time fans of things and people in pop culture. I know I can be like that with some things myself. But I guess it is one thing to be an excited fan and another to be an overly militant fan wearing blinders (which, from what Zack has described to me, is attitude taken when he encounters the LTP).



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