Zack & Nick's Culture Cast

Digesting the lowest rung of pop culture so you don't have to!

The Culture Cast with Zack and Nick welcomes you!

I suppose we should start with our storied history. By storied, I mean “not great.” We started out in the summer of  2009 as a shady, fly-by-night rookery of a podcast and slowly built up a fierce but loyal listener-ship that we really appreciated. I even got to be a guest host on The Greatest Movie Ever! podcast, which was awesome.

This all continued until early 2011 when our uploading software seemed to take a big dump on us. We had at least 50 individual recordings with new content, and to be honest, we were quite proud of what we did. It might not have been the most glamorous of podcasts (in fact, it was quite amateur), but we enjoyed what we were doing and we were really starting to hit our stride when our software completely glitched out on us (fyi, I don’t think the unnamed company that produced our uploading software ever fixed their glitches…).

So, when can you expect to hear from us? We’re hoping to get the podcast up and running by mid-June. We’ll start uploading just as soon as we work out our final software kinks. What I can promise you is the same dedication to sub-par editing, borderline awful opinions, and tone-deaf pop culture dissection you’ve come to expect from Cult it or Can it.

Enjoy the podcast and various other forms of content!


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